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Tent workshop Halang

As replicas of bygone eras, historical tents are made in the tent workshop in Halang according to traditional sources. Modern materials such as impregnated cotton fabric / canvas, wood and leather are used. This ensures stability and longevity of the tents as well as comfort that nobody would want to do without today. We have increasingly specialized in custom-made products. Due to our more than 30 years of experience in the historical tent workshop, we manufacture your dream tent according to your dimensions and sketches!

Covers for every purpose – Haversack, bread bag, musket cover, bow cover, tent sack, cover for the camp bed, beer sack – hard-wearing covers made of canvas for special requests

Leatherwork – leather aprons, leather beer aprons, ass leather, leather whips, cloak cords for vintage cars.

We are your reliable contact for repairs to the tent or leather repairs. We not only repair tents, but also motorcycle clothing, biker clothing, leather clothing, etc.

Product categories

Tepee Tipi Tent (8)

Historical tents (14)

Tarp, awning for all weathers (6)

Western tents / white tents

Life in the forest

Bushcrafting describes the occupation and above all trying out, optimizing and applying all skills, techniques and manual activities that can be useful for survival or a longer stay in nature.

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Our philosophy

The Halang tent workshop has been working since 1990

… for historical associations, museums, film and television. But also for forest kindergartens and campsites that make life in nature more pleasant with teepees and outdoor fans, people who enjoy the special kind of freedom and leisure life, live history and reenactment, i.e. historical groups who live the life of past events in their Want to experience leisure time in a largely authentic way. Our tipi workshop has developed into a sustainable manufacturer of historic tents at home and abroad in recent years.

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