haversac, paillasse and more


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The Haversack was made of cotton fabric and was inscribed on the inside of the flap with the regiment number and the name of the manufacturer.


Many soldiers wrote their own name. He was locked with one, sometimes two buttons.


The US regulation provided black colored bread bags.

In the Haversack the daily ration as well as plates and cutlery were stowed, furthermore peanuts, dried meat, hardtacks, coffee, sugar or fruit.

The tin cup was attached to the Haversack with a leather cord.


This Haversack was worn by soldiers and civilians of different eras.


Simply practical in bivouacs and the Living History events.


Not only does the food fit in, but everything that stays invisible during the Reenactment.


Bag approx. 36 cm x 36 cm optionally also available in white / natural colors.

Other sizes on request just ask!