Norman Tent


The Norman tent from the time of the Middle Ages it's one of the practical tents.

This historic, comfortable and authentic tent offers plenty of space, in which

The living area is right at the heart of the tent. It is where everyone can gather together and spend a quality time as a family

one can use it as a living’s tent or for sleeping.

The Tents come with different types

It can be with double bells or one . This Tent has single entrance.

And a canopy which would provide on request.

Outside, your tent becomes your home. It is your safe zone. Therefore, it is significantly important to

Keep your tent safe and strong against the volatile weather, our tents have thick roof for rainy days, It

Can strongly stand against strong winds and heavy rain. especially when you know there’s a bad

Weather waiting to challenge your adventurous, brave spirit.

The materials which we used, have high quality and excellent service .

 We have two choices of the materials are available and of them you could choice:

  • 420 g / m²,100% cotton, natural color, water repellent and impregnated to prevent rottenness.

  • 350 g / m², blended fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester), natural color,water repellent and impregnated to prevent rottenness.



• height 2.20m, width 2.50m, length 3.00m
• Overall length approx. 5.5m incl. Curves
• canopy 3 m wide, 2 m deep