Norman tent with canopy

Art.-Nr.: norm01


Weight : 20.00 kg

535,00 €
(incl. 85,42 € VAT )

The tent of the Normans.

This early medieval tent is very similar to our saxon tent. Unlike the Saxon tent, anglo saxon tent, the front side is closed and not open as in the Sachsenzelt, where the Canopy closes the tent. That's why our Norman tent is also available with or without awning cover.

The nice thing on this tent shape is, you can leave it half-open and closed to hide modern equipment at reenactment events and half open the other side for your display.

Just like the Saxon tent, the Normann tent is a ridge pole tent. We offer two variants of this tent of the early Middle Ages - with or without awning cover.

This offer refers to a tent with the following masses: Height 2.20m, width 2.50m, length 3m, total length including the curves / bells / apse 5.50m. This tent is with a canopy cover.

The standard version refers to Canvas with 420g / m², 100% cotton, natural color, water repellent and impregnated impregnation resistant to decay. on request, this white tent is also available in 350g / m² and blended fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester), natural color, water repellent and mold resistent impregnated.

Scope of delivery: Exterior cover, supplies.

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