Tent of the early Middle Ages

Art.-Nr.: FRÜHMA


695,00 €
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This canvastent is a mix from normantent and vikingtent

the normantent get an entry like a viking tent

The tent of the early Middle Ages was predominantly used from the 6th to the 11th century. The porch enables a more comfortable getting into the tent.

fabric coton, appr 430 g/qm waterrepelling and aganinst mould impregneted



420 g/m², 100% cotton, natural-coloured, waterproof and impregnated against rottenness



height: approx. 2.20m

width: approx. 2.70m

total length: approx. 5.50m


the porch:

width: approx. 2.00m

depth: approx. 1.70m

height: approx. 2.00m


extent of supply

tarp, equipment, tent bag