Tepee Poles

Art.-Nr.: tipipo

To set up the teepee you need, according to the size of the tipi, 9 - 22 poles. The rule is that the tepee poles should be about 1 - 1.5 m longer than the diameter of the tent.

The cheapest way to get teepee poles - ask the woodman and punch and peel yourself.  But you can get tepee poles in different tent sizes, Hand peeled from spruce wood. Wood is a natural product, drying and shrinkage cracks can occur. These are to be accepted and not a sign of lack of quality.

Please note: Since the shipping of tepee poles is very expensive, we ask for a request by phone 03731 213580 or by e-mail at info@halang.de. For the calculation of the current costs we need your address data. We would be pleased to send you information and a set-up manual if you would like to take over the procurement and the set-up yourself.

For our UK customers- we have a pole- suplier in UK and are pleased to send you to him directly.