Marquee tent - One pole tent

Art.-Nr.: 4C64115D-2649-CA8A-8BDE-C0A829BB5258


Weight : 20.00 kg

960,00 €
(incl. 153,28 € VAT )

This Marquiszelt has a one master and includes a mast that stands in the middle of the tent. The Marquiszelt has an area of 16 square meters and a side height of 2.00 m. The average height of the Marquiszelt is 3.50 m.with the Marquis Tent ,absolutely you don't go wrong. It can also be used as shelter .


420 g/m²,  cotton, natural paints, water repellent and decay resistant impregnated

Cover, Supplies (Profiler nails, ropes + tensioners), instructions


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