Roman Tent - without devision

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Weight : 20.00 kg

Price for delivery :

  • Österreich 25,00 €

735,00 €
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Roman tent is a tent used by roman legionnaires ( former and today )

In the original, these were sewn from goat leather skins. However, we use cotton fabric - it dries much faster and is much more lightweight and with this more useful in the re-enactment.

We use brown cotton fabric. The tent is accessible on both gable sides.

For this tent, the covers are not subdivided but full panels. If you like the goat leather optic, we offer the possibillity of subdivided walls and canopy but to additional costs.

The height is 2.20 m, the width 2.60 m and the length 2.90 m

Material 100% cotton, color brown, water-repellent and impregnation

Scope of delivery Tent cover, tent bag
no poles, no supplies