Leather workshop

Repair of leather clothing / biker montur

Barbecue aprons - leather aprons (also with individual imprint) as an a gift

Leather apron for the gastronomy made of high quality leather

Door pull handles and mantle ropes, hand made leather for your classic car



Art.-Nr.: : 59FB366B-6396-3399-E969-0A0C6D065FE9

16,50 € (inc. vat )
leather bag

Art.-Nr.: : 4739C500-5291-6AC3-A0A3-C0A828BB3715

from 8,50 € (inc. vat )
Leather apron for Waiter

Art.-Nr.: : 50DD725C

from 55,00 € (inc. vat )
leather skirt

Art.-Nr.: : BLD

from 49,50 € (inc. vat )

leather apron

braided handles for Old Cars